Wednesday, 20 August 2014


It was a rainy,wet,cold and muddy day…But we didn’t care. Its our cross country.

As I waited in room 5 I was really nervous because the 8 year old girls were next at running. We were in line ready to run.

It was very scary. When Miss Wihongi said ’’on your marks, get set, GO!’’

I was only jogging at the start and then I started going faster and faster.

When I was running I saw my sister,cousins,and my friends.

After my first lap I thought that I might come last but I didn’t, I came 2nd.

I was so so happy when I found out I came 2nd.

I thought I did really well.


  1. Excellent Naidene I really like your expression. Nice job for comming 2nd place I am like wowed out so much. Well done

  2. Hi naidene I like how you had fun when you were running that is good.
    You must be very fast if you came 2nd.
    Why did you want to tell about cross country on your blog?