Friday, 12 September 2014

Robbing the bank

Back in the hood not long ago there were four boys Ace,Rio,Jay and Luice they were all friends. One day Jay and Ace decided to do something bad. They choose to rob a bank. When they told Rio and Luice they were going to rob a bank they thought they should call the cops but they didn’t. The next day Ace and Jay went into the bank while Rio and Luice were looking out for cops. Ace pointed the guns at the bank manager while Jay grabbed the money. Rio and Luice ran into the bank to tell Ace and Jay that the cops coming. Two cops came running in the bank. Ace and Jay smashed the window and ran away but they dropped the money and the two cops grabbed it and gave it back to the bank manager. So Ace,Jay,Rio and Luice where never to be seen again.